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Anger Intensifies Over Windows 7 Family Pack

By December 2, 2009

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Comments are rolling in about the Windows 7 Family Pack pricing controversy, and they're overwhelmingly negative toward Microsoft.

To summarize: the Windows 7 Family Pack contained a disc of Windows 7 Home Premium, with three licenses that would allow a user to install it on three machines. The original list price was $149.99. Since Windows 7 is normally $150 per copy, that was a significant savings.

But after what appeared to be a very short time, that price disappeared, and the Pack was being offered at various places on the Internet and in stores for around $250 to nearly $300. And yesterday, the Family Pack page on Microsoft's website said the offer had ended.

This confusion has potential customers fuming. "drob321" says:

If they are pulling this crap at Microsoft and not offering it anymore, I won't buy it. I will survive on Vista and XP. This is the old "bait and switch" and it is a very deceptive business practice.

"Jakar" says he'd rather stay with XP than switch under these circumstances:

I have three machines running XP Home, XP Media Center, and Vista. Based on my Vista experience, probably better to stay with XP for now anyway. Given that I and other users have had the same problem for over a week trying to purchase the product.. I'd think MS has got some explanin' to do. Especially when you still see the Windows 7 Family Pack adds popping up everywhere.

"long beach bob" is fed up, too:

Well, 1 day later, and you can't find it anywhere unless you want to pay Amazon's outrageous markup... seems Microsoft and Amazon were in bed together on this one. I've heard of "limited time offers" before, but they usually specify the timeframe... something Microsoft did not do.

I'm still waiting for a definitive explanation from Microsoft on this situation. I'll let you know as soon as I hear something.

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