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How to Change the Screen Resolution in Windows


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Screen Resolution Settings in the Control Panel
Screen Resolution Windows 7

The screen resolution settings can be accessed by the right-clicking the Desktop.

The screen resolution on your monitor will determine the size of text, images, and icons on the screen. Setting the correct screen resolution is important because a screen resolution that is too high results in text and graphics that are too small which could cause unnecessary eyestrain. On the other hand, using a resolution that is too low results in sacrificing valuable screen real estate because text and images are so large. The trick is finding the resolution that best suits your eyes and monitor.

1. Right-click your computer’s Desktop and click Screen Resolution from the menu that appears. The Screen Resolution window will appear. This setting is part of the Control Panel in Windows 7 and can be accessed from the Control Panel as well.

Note: If you use more than one monitor on your computer, you will have to set the resolution and other options for each monitor individually by clicking on the monitor you wish to configure.

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