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Prevent Programs Loading at Windows Startup


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Why to Keep Programs From Starting with Windows
prevent program starts with windows

Prevent Program Starts with Windows

Preventing unnecessary programs from running at Windows startup is a great way to speed up windows. The following article will show you how to determine what programs run when Windows boots, so you can choose which ones to remove. All programs use system resources (operating memory), so any program not running will reduce memory use and may speed up your PC.

There are 5 places you can prevent programs from automatically loading. These include:

  1. The Startup Folder, under the Start Menu
  2. In the program itself, usually under Tools, Preferences or Options
  3. The System Configuration Utility
  4. The System Registry
  5. The Task Scheduler

Before You Begin, Read Everything

Before you begin, read each area completely. Pay attention to all notes and warnings. Always provide yourself a way to undo an action (i.e., move a shortcut, rather than deleting it first) – that way you can fix any problems you may create while trying to optimize your computer.

Note: A "Shortcut" is a icon that points or links to program or file - it is not the actual program or file.

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