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Maintain and Fix Windows

Every Windows computer needs periodic maintenance to operate at its best. Likewise, there are simple solutions to Windows problems. This section discusses what you can do to keep Windows working well.

How to Download Updates in Windows 8.1

How to Keep Windows 8 Up to Date

Windows 8 Makes System Recovery Simple
Restore or Refresh your installation of Windows 8.

Create a Windows 7 Restore Point
Roll back unwanted computer changes in Windows 7 by creating a Restore Point

My Big, Fat Windows Disaster
What was your worst Windows experience? Tell us about it! See submissions

5 Ways to Keep Windows XP Running Strong
Tricks and tips for keeping Windows XP running well.

The Windows 7 Action Center, in Action
Learn how to proactively protect your computer with the Windows 7 Action Center.

Using the Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder
How to use the Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder to troubleshoot Windows issues.

Defragment Your Windows 7 Computer
A step-by-step guide to defragmenting Windows 7

How to Optimize a Windows Vista Laptop
Learn how to set up Windows Vista for a Laptop computer

What You Can Do With the System and Maintenance Area
The System and Maintenance area of the control panel in Vista and Windows 7 houses many programs and utilities that you can use to configure Windows.

Fixing Windows Printing Problems - User's Solutions to Windows Printi…
Users share their ideas on how to fix Windows printing problems.

How to Recession-Proof a PC - Your Ideas On How to Prevent Wi…
User ideas on how to prevent Windows problems from happening.

Ways to Speed Up a PC - Your Ideas on How to Speed Up a Computer
User ideas on how to speed up a computer - what has worked for others in the past.

Adjust Visual Effects to Improve the Speed of Your Windows Computer
Using the Visual Effects tab (in the Performance Options) is an easy way to set your preferences for visual effects and performance of your Windows computer.

What is the Windows 7 Action Center
Action Center consolidates and gives you control of all Windows 7 message alerts.

Fix Vista Printing Problems With Shared Network Printers
Trying to print from a Vista computer over a home network to a shared printer attached to another computer can be frustrating and unproductive.

Uninstall the Vista SP2 Upgrade
If you decide that you want to uninstall Vista SP2 from your computer, follow the steps in this article.

How can I speed up a slow computer?
Follow these steps to help speed up a slow computer.

Top 9 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer
Improve the performance of your Windows computer using these 9 steps.

How Do I Check and Fix Errors on My Hard Drive?
Use this Windows Utility to fix your Hard Drive

CHKDSK Utility - How to Scan and Fix a Hard Drive
How to use the Chkdsk utility to scan and fix your hard drive

What Computer Hardware Do I Need For Windows to Run Fast?
Discusses what computer hardware will enable your Windows to run fast.

Scan and Fix Windows Systems Files on Your Hard Drive
Scan and fix Microsoft Windows system files on your hard drive, using the SFC (System File Checker) command. This will correct any errors or corruption in your operating system.

How to Defrag Your Hard Drive
Use this process to defrag your hard drive in Microsoft Windows.

Speed Up Windows - Clean Your Windows Desktop
How to make your Windows desktop run faster by cleaning the desktop and better using your computer's operating memory

Fix Windows - Shutdown Your Computer
A simple way to fix Microsoft Windows problems, errors and increase the operating speed of your system.

Uninstalling Programs From a Windows Computer
An exploration into whether you should or should not Uninstall programs not used from your Windows computer.

Speed Up Computer - Use the Windows Uninstaller to Remove Program
A step by step guide to uninstalling a program from your Microsoft Windows computer, using the Add/Remove Program feature.

Speed up Windows 7 with ReadyBoost
Speed up Windows 7 with ReadyBoost technology.

The Windows Experience Index
Learn about the The Windows Experience Index measures your computer's performance capabilities.

The About.com Guide to Making Your Computer Faster
Virtually everyone wants to make their computer faster. After a few months, even a new computer will start to slow down, and the problem gets worse as your computer ages -- it's sort of like us! But there are ways to speed up a PC that is getting creaky. Armed with these tips and tricks you'll make your computer faster in no time at all.

Free Hard Drive Space with Disk Cleanup
Create more hard drive space by deleting unnecessary files with Windows Disk Cleanup.

How to Run Older Applications on Windows 7 Using Compatibility Mode
This guide describes the steps necessary to run older applications in Windows 7 using compatibility mode.

Keep Your PC Free of Malware with a Weekly Security Scan
Guide describes the steps necessary to schedule a virus scan in Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7.

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