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Why Should I Use the Windows Uninstaller feature?

Removing Unused Applications


Removing Unused Applications

If you are the average Windows user, you have an application or two on your computer that you are not using. You installed it from a download or a CD that a friend gave you and now it’s just sitting there “quietly in the background,” doing nothing. Should you leave it alone or use the Windows uninstaller? – that is the question.

Why would I care?

If an application is using memory even though it is not opened, your computer is acting differently or displaying error messages since you installed it, or your hard drive is running out of space, you probably should uninstall applications you never use.

The choice you have is to either use the specific Program’s “Uninstall” feature (if it has one) or Microsoft Windows “Add or Remove Programs” function.

Which way is better?

The short answer is “it depends.” My opinion: If the application has an uninstall function, you may use it. If that function has an error or cannot completely uninstall the program, you can use Microsoft’s “Add or Remove Programs” function. But wait, read on.

Blast Away

If the application is particularly annoying, or you would delight in blasting this application off the face of your computer (perhaps their stock tanked and left you with a black hole in your portfolio, maybe the program crashed on you just before you were going to “Save” your work), use Microsoft’s function. Let’s face it: It is there; it is vulnerable. And to throw out another cliché from someone whose name I clearly can’t remember: If it’s not part of the solution, it’s part of the problem. Enough said.

To find a step by step procedure to safely remove programs from your computer, click here.

Happy blasting; may the force be with you.

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