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InkBall is a game included in some versions of Microsoft Windows Vista.

The object of InkBall is to sink all colored balls into the matching colored holes. The game ends when a ball enters the hole of a different color or the game timer runs out. Players draw ink strokes to stop balls from entering the wrong holes or to point colored balls into the correct matching holes.

Inkball starts automatically when you open it. You can start playing immediately, or you can choose a new game and a different level of difficulty.

How to Play

  1. Open InkBall: click the Start button, click All Programs, click Games, click InkBall.
  2. Click the Difficulty menu and select a level.
  3. Use the mouse or other pointing device to draw ink strokes that guide balls into holes of the same color. Block balls from entering holes of a different color.


  • Gray is a neutral color – balls can enter any color hole. A gray hole can accept any color ball, but no points are awarded.
  • When a ball bounces off an ink stroke, a wall, or another ball, it does so at the same angle that it struck.
  • An ink stroke will disappear when a ball hits it. One ink stroke affects only one ball.
  • If you raise the level of difficulty, ball speeds will increase and there will be more balls, holes, and more complex boards.

Pause/Resume InkBall

Click outside the InkBall window to pause, and click inside the InkBall window to resume.

Points Scoring

InkBall colors have the following value: Gray = 0 points, Red = 200, Blue = 400, Green = 800, Gold = 1600

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