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Windows 7 Internet Spades

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Windows 7 internet spades

Windows 7 Internet Spades

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Spades is a very popular card game that requires teamwork and strategy to win. The essence of the game is: you guess how many "tricks"—rounds—you and your partner can win. Guess too low and you will lose points; guess too high, and you'll “bag out”!

The object of the game: Your team wins when either it has 500 points, or the opposing team reaches negative 200 points.

  • Number of players: 4
  • Difficulty levels: Beginner, intermediate, expert
  • Typical playing time: 10 to 30 minutes

Start a Game:

1. Open the Games folder (Start Menu, Games)

2. Double-click Internet Spades. (If you don’t see it, click “Where are my games?”)

3. Click Play to Start. Your computer must be connected to the Internet for the game to start.

Customize the Game's Appearance

To select different card decks and backgrounds:

1. Open the Games folder by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, and then clicking Games.

2. Double-click Internet Spades. (Don't see it? Check “Where are my games?”)

3. Click the Game menu, and then click Change Appearance.

4. Make your choices, and then click OK.

Chat with Your Opponent

There are two dozen text messages you can use for speaking with your opponent. To use this feature:

1. Make sure chat is turned on (click Chat button in the lower-right corner).

2. Click Select a message to send and select one of the pre-written phrases.

Read the rules for Checkers to learn how to actually play the game.

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