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Windows 8 Versions of Classic Microsoft Games


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Microsoft Minesweeper
Microsoft Minesweeper adds a new game mode and a fun new theme.

Used with permission from Microsoft.


Two Ways to Play

Those downloading Microsoft Minesweeper to play the classic game of clearing mines based on numeric clues will find what they’re looking for. The old school game is here in all its glory. You can choose between three difficulty settings which alter the size of the board and you can also create a custom board choosing the size of your minefield and the number of mines you’ll need to flag. While the updated version of the classic Minesweeper has been given a face lift, and even a garden theme that changes your mines to dancing lady bugs, it’s boring compared to the real surprise you’ll find in Microsoft Minesweeper.

Adventure Mode

It may be hard to imagine an Adventure Mode to Minesweeper, but it actually works. Rather than a simple grid that you click on to reveal numbers or mines, you control an avatar in a dungeon setting. The dungeons are full of dirt that you excavate by clicking on a square. As you uncover the floor, you find the numbers you’d expect in a Minesweeper game alerting you to traps. Hit a trap and you lose a life, lose all your lives and you lose the game.

It’s your task to uncover enough of the level to escape safely. You’ll find various power-ups to help along the way including maps that reveal trap locations, bombs to blow out solid walls and weapons to kill various monsters you might happen upon as you adventure. Adventure Mode certainly isn’t what you’d expect from a Minesweeper title, but it’s a lot of fun and a great addition.

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