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How to Setup and View Netflix Using Windows Media Center


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Using Netflix With WMC

Windows Media Center (WMC) for Vista Home Premium and Ultimate can access Netflix online media. Other versions of WMC including XP Media Center and the WMC included with Windows 7, as of this date (05/30/09), do not provide this access.

Netflix is a very convenient service. For Vista Windows users with a Broadband Internet connection, the process can be even more convenient and enable you to not only view movies on your PC, but on your television, if connected. Using Netflix via the WMC also will simplify the process of selecting movies for the various queues and instant play (For example, Tivo users must bounce between a PC and their Tivo unit to queue up movies for selection and play.)

To access Netflix via the Windows Media Center, perform the steps in the following process. Note: If you cannot see the Netflix icon in Windows Media Center, run setup again (The steps are: Tasks, Settings, General, Run Setup Again, etc., to go through the setup process within the Windows Media Center program.

1. Open the Windows Media Center and locate the Netflix Icon.

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