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Windows Defender

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Windows Vista

The Bottom Line

It is a good product to add to protect your Windows computer from adware, spyware and other undesirable software that can download onto your PC via the Internet.


  • It's free
  • It works as advertised
  • It integrates well with Windows XP and Vista


  • It updates definitions daily
  • To download it you must have Microsoft verify you have a genuine copy of Windows


  • Scans Windows PCs for Adware and Spyware
  • It operates quickly and without errors.
  • The Software Explorer tool (included) can help you better under the programs loaded on your computer.

Guide Review - Windows Defender

Defender is a free product from Microsoft that protects Windows computers from Adware and Spyware. It operates quickly (5 minute scan on my PC), uses little system resources and has free support for installation and use errors. This application, in conjuntion with a Firewall and Antivirus software, can help protect your computer from many of the rogue programs created in the outside world. In short, it’s worth the effort to get it.

What does it require to get it? Jumping through the hoops of having Microsoft verify that your copy of XP or Vista is genuine. This involves downloading and installing the verification tool. Still, the process short enough to put up with.

A couple of nice features of this software are a running log of all system changes and a tool called Software Explorer that displays detailed information about every program currently running on your computer.

User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
Jury is still out!, Member keithanywhere

Today is the first time Windows Defender presented itself to me and I've had my PC over a year. Anyway... so far I am at 3 hours and 46 minutes and still running. No 5 minute scan for me! I hope this time is worth it! I'll update my review/comment when I have an overall opinion about it. But right now, going on 4 hours of time to scan seems a bit ridiculous to me! I just want it to be done so I can restart my PC for the Windows updates downloads that came in at the same time! Thanks!

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