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Windows Shortcuts

After you know the basics, learn faster ways of doing things in Windows.

Get Around Windows 8 Faster and Easier Using Keyboard Commands
Keyboard commands to navigate Windows 8 more efficiently and easily.

Using the Pin Tool in Windows 7
Learn how to use the Pin tool in Windows 7

Use the Windows Mobility Center to Adjust Laptop Mobility Settings
Learn how to use the Windows Mobility Center to adjust laptop mobility settings.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts - User Favorite Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Readers share their favorite keyboard shortcuts for being more productive in Windows.

Autoplay: How do I prevent CDs and DVDs from starting in Windows?
How to keep CDs/DVDs from starting automatically when you put them in a drive.

Recession-Proof Your Windows Computer
How to keep a Windows computer in top shape before problems occur

Top 12 Keyboard Shortcuts
Twelve Keyboard shortcuts to being more productive in Windows

Quickly Close Many Windows Using Shortcuts Keys
Use key strokes instead of your mouse to close many open windows and folders very quickly

How to Take Screenshots
How to quickly take screenshots or captures in Microsoft Windows

Get around Windows 8.1 faster with essential keyboard tricks and shortcuts
Mastering Windows 8.1's keyboard shortcuts can make it easier, faster and more fun to use. Here are some of the most useful that you can use daily.

Make the most of the touchscreen on your new Surface or Windows 8.1 tablet
Make the most of the touchscreen on your new Surface or Windows 8.1 tablet

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