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Use Aero Snap to Quickly Divide the Screen

A Windows 7 Productivity Tip


Aero Snap Windows 7

Windows dragged to left edge of the screen will automatically "snap" to the left side of the screen.

As an avid Excel user one of the things I hated most about previous versions of Windows was comparing spreadsheets side-by-side. Sure, you can go to the Views menu in Excel and place the spreadsheets side-by-side, but wouldn’t it be easier if the open workbooks simply snapped to the edge of the screen, with a click of a button?

 Aero Snap Makes Windows Management a Snap

In Windows 7, the Aero Snap feature does that and more. Aero Snap is a Windows 7 feature that allows users to drag an open application window to the edges of the screen and the window will automatically resize and ‘snap’ to edge they were dragged to. If windows are dragged to the sides, the window will automatically resize to take up half the screen and will snap to the selected side.

 How to Use Aero Snap in Windows 7

Here’s how you can do it yourself:

  1. Click and hold the application’s title bar (topmost section of the window).
  2. Drag the application window to one of screen’s edges (Left edge, top edge, or right edge).
  3. The application window will automatically snap and resize to the side it was dragged to.

If you wish to place two windows side-by-side, drag one window to the left and other to the right using the instructions detailed above.Snapping open windows to the edge of the screen is not limited to the sides of screen. You can also snap an open window to the top edge of the screen to automatically maximize the window.

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