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How to Shut Down Windows 8

Shutting Down is Hidden in Plain Sight


Shut Down Charm Bar

The Shut down option is hidden in the Charm Bar under Settings.

If you have given the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 a spin or you're running the latest version of Windows 8 you will find that shutting down your PC may not be as straightforward as it was before.

With the Start button gone, the option to shut down your PC by navigating to the Shut Down button from the Start Menu is no longer available.

Instead, Microsoft introduced a new method and menu to shut down your PC using touch and a couple of shortcuts. In this guide I will show you how to shut down Windows 8 using the Charm Bar.

Use the Charm Bar to Shut Down Windows 8

1. Move the mouse pointer to the right corner of the screen, doing this will cause the Charm bar to appear on the right side (akin to the Start Menu). Click the Settings icon to view additional options.

Note: You can also press the Windows key + C to bring up the Charm Bar or you can swipe to the left on the screen if you are using a touch screen to bring up the Charm Bar.

2. Click the Power icon and then click Shut down from the menu that appears.

Note: You can also restart the Windows 8 PC or put it to sleep from this same menu.

Shutting Down May Take Longer with Non-Touch Devices

It may seem a bit cumbersome and may not make a whole lot of sense compared to previous versions of Windows, but the idea here is to use touch to facilitate interaction with Windows 8.

With the focus on tablet computers and the demand for PC-like functionality on a tablet it makes a whole lot of sense for Microsoft to move in this direction.

Now that you know how to Shut Down your Windows 8 PC make sure you check out how you could make this process a lot simpler.

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