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Introducing the Windows Store: How to Use the App Store for Windows 8


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How to Open the App Store
Click the tile to open the Windows store.

Used with permission from Microsoft

Robert Kingsley

There are mobile apps out there for just about anything you can think of. Whether you want a new way to send Tweets or a high-tech replacement for a whoopee cushion, you should have no trouble finding it for your smartphone. While Microsoft, Android and Apple have offered these apps for a long time, no one has ever brought them to your desktop computer - at least, not until Windows 8. We'd like to introduce you to the Windows Store, a feature of Windows 8 that allows you to choose from thousands of available apps to use on any of your Windows 8 devices.

To get started with the Windows Store, access your Start screen and click or tap the Store tile. The Windows store takes advantage of the new Windows 8 user interface, so you'll notice it takes up the full-screen and doesn't have the menus and links you might expect.

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