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Windows 7 Taskbar


Using the Taskbar
windows 7 taskbar

Windows 7 Taskbar

The Windows 7 taskbar is the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen. The taskbar can usually be seen, regardless of the open program or file. It provides quick access to applications, information and open files even if the desktop is obscured.

The taskbar has three main sections:

  • The Start button - opens the Start menu.

  • The middle section – Quick Launch icons that can start applications and hold open files and programs. You can "pin" favorite programs anywhere on the taskbar; rearrange programs in any way you like by clicking and dragging. Point to a taskbar icon to see a thumbnail preview of open files or programs. Then, move your mouse over a thumbnail to preview the window full-screen.

  • The notification area - the clock/date and icons that communicate program status, computer settings and the Aero Peek Button.

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