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Windows Versions

Each version of Microsoft Windows offers similar and different features, functions, fixes and challenges. Learn the differences between Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.

How to Perform a Clean Installation of Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1's Biggest and Best New Features
A list of the biggest and best new features offered by Windows 8.1.

Hidden Features of Windows 8.1

Windows 7 Upgrade Checklist
Avoid problems by learning what to do before beginning an upgrade of Windows 7 from Windows Vista or Windows XP.

How to Perform an Upgrade Installation of Windows 8.1

8 Ways Windows 8 Improves Over Windows 7
8 Ways Windows 8 Improves Over Windows 7

How to Upgrade to Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store

5 Reasons to Dump Windows XP
The top 5 reasons Windows XP is inferior to Windows 7

How to Install the Windows 8.1 Preview
How to install the Windows 8.1 preview using the ISO files.

What is Windows 7 Starter Edition?
Advice on using Windows 7 Starter Edition

Windows Phone 7: What We Know
The scoop on what the Windows Phone 7 smartphone has -- and doesn't have.

5 Ways Windows 7 Beats Windows Vista
A list of the ways Windows 7 is superior to Windows Vista

Windows 7 Pricing Options
Windows 7 comes in numerous versions. Let us help you find the right one for your needs and budget.

Should I Upgrade to Windows 7?
A guide to help you decide if you should upgrade to Windows 7

5 Reasons to Choose Windows Over iPad
Comparing Windows to the iPad, Windows comes out on top. Here's why.

Windows Vista & XP
windows xp

5 Ways Windows 8.1 Will Help Desktop Users
5 features of Windows 8.1 that will help desktop users.

Your Turn: Windows 7 Good and Bad
Readers sound off on what they like and don't like about Windows 7

Sound off on Windows Phone 7 - Would You Use Windows Phone 7?
Tell us in your own words why -- or why not -- you would give Windows Phone 7 a try.

Book Review: Microsoft Windows 7 Unleashed by Paul McFedries
Microsoft Windows 7 Unleashed is the latest title by technical author Paul McFedries.

What's New With Windows 7
The Windows 7 operating system shares many features and functions with Windows Vista. It also improves on Vista.

What You Should Know About Windows 7 RC
Learn what you need to know about Windows 7 RC before it expires and stops your computer from working.

User Answers on Windows 7 - Readers Respond on the Best and W…
Readers sound off on the best and worst of Windows 7

Windows Vista and 7
Windows Vista and 7 - Tutorials, Help and Troubleshooting About Windows Vista and 7

Upgrade Your Computer to Windows Vista SP2
Learn the steps to properly install and upgrade your current version of Windows Vista

Assessing Your Computer for Windows 7 Requirements
Learn what are the recommended requirements for your computer to run Windows 7 RC.

11 Things to Like About Windows Vista
Windows Vista is an operating system chock-ful of new features. There are a lot of things to like about Vista.

Using Aero Peek
Aero Peek allows a user of Windows 7 to peek through all open windows to the desktop underneath.

How to Run Older Programs Using Windows Compatibility Mode
How to setup an older Windows application to run properly using the Windows Compatibility mode.

Still Want Windows XP?
Windows XP operating system is still available on new computers, if you know where to look.

What You Need to Upgrade to Windows 7
Windows 7 will be released for general distribution on October 22, 2009. Users can upgrade from Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Comparing Windows 7 Editions: Home Premium
Your guide to Windows 7 Home Premium Edition, and how it compares to other editions of Windows 7

Comparing Windows 7 Editions: Professional
A rundown of what you get with Windows 7 Professional edition -- strengths and weaknesses, and why to buy (or not to buy).

Comparing Windows 7 Editions: Ultimate
A rundown of what you get with Windows 7 Ultimate Edition -- strengths and weaknesses, and why to buy (or not to buy).

How Can I Get the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor?
Learn about the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and where to get it.

What Is Windows XP Service Pack 3?
Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) is the latest update for Windows XP, issued in April 2008.

What Do I Need to Install Windows 7 RC on My Computer?
Learn what hardware configuration your computer should have before you install Windows 7 RC.

6 Reasons to Keep Windows XP
Windows XP may be old, but it's not on its deathbed yet. Here are the best reasons to keep it around.

6 Reasons to Stick with Windows Vista
Windows Vista is still a good choice for many. Find out if you should keep Vista around.

Why Should You Upgrade to the Latest Windows Version?
Why should you upgrade to the latest Windows version? This article explores what to consider for current XP users.

Top 5 Windows Editions
The five most important versions of Windows.

Windows XP
windows xp

Which Version of Windows 7 Should I Get?
A guide to the various Windows 7 versions, with advice on which one fits your needs.

Windows 8 Is Packed with Awesome Features
In this article you will find the latest features launching with Windows 8 next year.

Which Version of Windows 8 is Right for You?
An overview of the different editions found in Windows 8.

Windows 8 System Requirements
A description of Windows 8 system requirements as well as download links to the developer preview.

Windows XP
windows xp

Vista's Here -- Now Pick the Right Version
A look at the many editions of Windows Vista.

Discover Answers to Windows 8 Frequently Asked Questions
Check out Frequently Asked Questions related to installing Windows 8.

Frequently Asked Questions for Windows 8 CP
Frequently asked questions for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 7
How to get the most out of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system, including keeping it secure, up-to-date, and running it as efficiently as possible.

Vista's Here -- Now Pick the Right Version
Take a look at the many editions of Windows Vista.

Windows 8.1 Update — what’s in it for you?
There's quite a lot to discover in Windows 8.1 Update. We show you want you need to know.

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