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Comparing Windows 7 Editions: Home Premium


Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 Version:

Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 Home Premium Pricing:

Full version price: $199.99

Upgrade version price: $119.99

What You Need to Run Windows 7 Home Premium:

What You Get With Windows 7 Home Premium:

  • The Aero Desktop, Windows 7's look and feel.

  • Windows Search, which is useful for finding things on your computer.

  • HomeGroup, which is a networking technology for sharing files, printers, music and other stuff with other Windows 7 computers.

  • Windows Media Center, for organizing your music, movies, television shows and so on.

What Windows 7 Home Premium Does Not Have:

Windows 7 Home Premium lacks a few security features like file and hard drive encryption. It also doesn't have the problem steps recorder, a great troubleshooting tool. The most important feature not found on this edition, however, is Windows XP Mode. XP Mode ensures backwards compatibility -- in other words, programs that ran under Windows XP will run just as well within Windows 7.

One other factor you may want to consider is that Windows 7 Home Premium can't join a domain, so businesses will want to look at a higher-level version.

Why Choose Windows 7 Home Premium:

The average user or family will find most everything they need with Windows 7 Home Premium. It's a good choice for non-technical users, and those who don't need it to connect to a work network. This will satisfy the large majority of users.

If you can live with the security and compatibility limitations, the relatively inexpensive Windows 7 Home Premium is a good choice. Consider carefully before you buy, however.

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