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Comparing Windows 7 Editions: Professional


Windows 7 Professional Edition

Windows 7 Professional Edition

Windows 7 Version:

Windows 7 Professional

Windows 7 Professional Pricing:

Full Version Price: $299.99

Upgrade Version Price: $199.99

What You Need to Run Windows 7 Professional:

What You Get With Windows 7 Professional:

Windows 7 Professional gives you everything from the Home Premium Edition, and adds a number of important upgrades. They include Windows XP Mode, so that your computer can run all your legacy Windows XP programs -- no Vista-like worries about whether they'll run in Windows 7. Windows 7 Professional computers can also join a domain, making them an excellent choice for use in a business setting.

What Windows 7 Professional Does Not Have:

Windows 7 Professional Edition lacks BitLocker technology, which lets you encrypt hard drives for increased security. This can be especially valuable when you have sensitive information stored on portable hard drives like a thumb or USB drive.

Why Choose Windows 7 Professional Edition:

Power users, who have greater needs than the average user, can make good use of Windows 7 Professional. Also, those who don't want to buy a third-party backup solution may want to opt for this version, since it has network backup built in. If you have many old programs that you rely on, this is also a good choice, since Windows XP Mode will make running those programs possible. This is the minimum required version for most businesses, since it can join a domain, unlike Windows 7 Home Premium.

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