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Windows 8 Is Packed with Awesome Features


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Metro Style UI & Touch
Lock Screen Windows 8

Metro UI Lock Screen in Windows 8

Microsoft's latest attempt to unseat the iPad as the king of tablets and to bring a fresh and unified experience to Windows looks very promising.

Windows 8, set to debut later next year is powered by the best Windows 7 has to offer with significant reductions to the resource footprint required by the operating system and the flexibility to run on a myriad of devices.

From Phone to Desktop

Metro is the name used for the interface that powers Windows Phone 7. It is simple, fast and easy to use.

Microsoft has taken what they've learned from the Metro user interface on their phones and applied to Windows 8. This is similar to what Apple has done with features in iOS that have been brought to the desktop environment in the latest incarnation of Mac OS X, Lion.

The exception here is that tablet devices running Windows 8 will most likely have the same functionality as a regular PC or notebook running Windows 8.

The Windows Look is Still There

If you're worried about losing the Start Menu and Desktop, don't, you can get the classic Windows look with a push of a button.

Windows 8 is designed for touch. Even if you choose to use the classic user interface found in previous versions of Windows you will find that Windows Explorer and all built-in apps employ the Ribbon that we've seen in the Office suite and other Microsoft applications.

The Ribbon interface makes it easier to use touch to interact with the operating system.

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